Hi, This is Darla Silvereye's home page.  I love to read and I'm an aspiring author.  I have added some samples of my writing to this site, I hope you enjoy. 

I have also made a feeble attempt at poetry

Click to read my poems

One of my favorite things to do is read.  My sister gave me a list of "100 books thou shalt read before  you die" that she got from our uncle.  It's an old list from 1998 but it sounds like a good list of fantasy and science fiction.' The list is scans of 6 pages from a gaming magazine. I am going to try to read all of them.  Here's the list.

100 book list page 1

100 book list page 2

100 book list page 3

100 book list page 4

100 book list page 5

100 book list page 6

I am a member of the Last Chaos community and I will be posting help and guides here for all to use. My main character name is DarlaSilvereye and my alternate characters are DarlaGreeneye, DarlaStarlight. and Elmindreda.

Last Choas is a free MMORPG and can be found at https://en.gamigo.com/mygamigo/. It has always been free to play and lots of fun. One of the few really Free MMORPG on the Internet.

There are some things you can buy but you don't need to. Unlike many other supposed free MMORPG's, you can use all game components and level all the way to the highest level without spending any cash.

I'm a member of the EternalDawn guild. If you're interested in joining  see our website at http://www.eternaldawn.mygameguild.com/. Check the rules in Forums, then look for us on the Vinisius server, we're usually on Vinisius 4 or 5, but consider Vinisius 5 as our home. You can find us by seeing our guild name EternalDawn above our character name.
Our Guild Manager is Vedvedsica (aka [GS]Fronius ). If your interested in joining us, please ask CRAZYHORSE or DarlaSilvereye, about joining our guild.
Hope to see you around.

Gamigo, the owner of Last Chaos, has been making many changes and improvements to the game. So, while making the game experince better for all players, some of my guides have not been kept up to date.

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